Thursday, 21 April 2016


I have been working on a series of characters.  These guys are made from off cuts and scraps of collected materials. They are all one off pieces, of what I call,  free work.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Easter Opening

I am having a soft launch for family and friends over Easter at my Upper Slaughter studio in the Cotswolds. Along with Easter eggs for the kids we are showcasing some new work by London artist Ged Wells.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and gaining valuable feedback.

Open     Saturday    26 - 03 - 16       from 10am till 5pm
              Sunday      27 - 03 -16        from 10am till 5pm

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Everbean coffee shop

The Everbean coffee shop on Avery Row in Mayfair, London, is a project that I completed at the end of 2013.  Everbean was opened by Jessica and Onr Sav.  This is their first business and one in which they manage and work along side their team.

Working with them was a real pleasure, and the result has been well received, not only by themselves, but by their cusomers as well.  There is only one slight problem.... it has been too well received! The popularity of the coffeeshop had meant that our original layout has needed to be slighly reconfigured to be able to keep up with demand.

Over the Christmas period work was carried out to reconfigure the space. The referb was a success. We managed to retain the feel that has been commented on by so many customers (great scores on Tripadvisor for atmosphere) yet, at the same time, create a better service flow that was needed to serve their ever increacing customer base.

I look forward to working on further projects with Jess and Onr. Watch this space!

If you are ever in the area, pop in for amazing coffee and food - Everbean, 30 Avery Row, W1K 4BB Mayfair, London.

Cotswold deck

I have recently completed this lovely little project in the Cotswolds.  The setting was amazing and I benefited from a spell of beautiful weather.

The clients were looking for a small deck at the base of their garden from where they could enjoy the
small stream that meanders by.  Simple and rustic, the deck cantilevers out over the bank allowing the user to feel that they are floating along on a raft. A simple tree swing completes a space from which to while away the long summers days.

Cool stools

Here are 10 cool stools I would love to get my hands on. 1 Sally by +Halle design by Busk and Hertzog, 2 Nuno by Zanotta design by Kensaku Oshiro, 3 Temperino by Riva, design by Alessandro Guidolin, 4 August Stool by Nikari, design by Aamu Song and Johan Olin, 5 Strammer Max by Moorman, design by Max Frommeid, 6 Stool by Mater, design by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Blindgaard Rutzon, 7 January by Nikari, design by Harri Koskinen, 8 Medici/MC4 by Mattiazzi, design by Konstantin Gric, 9 Knitted stools by Gandia Blasco, design by Claire Anne O'brien and 10 Chummy by Opinion Ciatti, design by Mauritzio Galante and Tal Lancman.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Cool bookcases

Bookcases, the holders of memories.

People are buying less books and switching to digital media.  Some of us will always covert books and for those of us that do, here are 10 bookcases that make displaying books a pleasure.

1. Terreria by Morosso designed by Arcea Associati. 2. Extending bookcase by Reinier De Jong. 3. Junior bookcase by Ibride, design by Benoit and Rachel Convers. 4. SHO5 Arie by E15, design by Arik Levy. 5. Paper Cabinet by Moooi, design by Studio Job. 6. Frame Works by Mieke Meijer. 7. Oxymore by DeCastelli, design by Xavier Lust. 8. Ptocomeo by Opinion Cittai, design by Bruno Rainaldi. 9. Forest by Driade, design by Nendo. 10. Max01 by Dller, design by Wayne Maxwell.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Crazy Design

I recently purchased a copy of Crazy Design, a product design book by Beatrix Foisil-Penther and Claire Chamot (published by Vivays Publishing). 

I was privileged to have my Spider (Ulwembu) coffee table featured in this publication. The book features many well known designers such as Marcel Wanders, Ron Arad, Fabio Novembre, Juegen Bey and the Bouroullec brothers, amongst others. 

This book is very personal to me since it documents many products that were being designed and produced at the time that we (my brother Gary and I) were designing and manufacturing our furniture.  Furthermore, many of the products in this book I have touched and, in some cases, actually met the people behind the design.